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Discover the Story Behind The Property Concierge

Where Passion for Luxury Meets Expertise in Service

Birth of a Vision

During the 2020 pandemic, all venues in Greece temporarily closed, causing a significant rise in the real estate market due to factors such as the Golden Visa and reduced prices in the Greek market. George was working at the CCRE Office in Marousi (Athens) and New York, under the guidance of Christofer Christofidis, the owner of CCRE. Simultaneously, Georgia managed a hotel in the Kolonaki area, which had temporarily closed during that period, while pursuing a career as a photographer.

In 2022, a collaborator of George suggested a luxury apartment in the center of Athens for management. Succeeding in this endeavor, shortly thereafter, another acquaintance proposed two more apartments in Mykonos. This marked the beginning of a unique journey. Choosing to combine their strengths, they initiated "The Property Concierge" for managing luxury accommodations, a business they were passionate about. Today, the company successfully manages over 20 properties, with many more in preparation.


The Visionaries Behind The Property Concierge


George Allister

George Allister, a luminary in the entertainment realm, managed illustrious nightclubs and orchestrated grand events. His association with actress Lindsay Lohan not only amplified his stature but also introduced him to the intricate world of concierge services, catering to elite guests.

Georgia Miliou

Georgia Miliou, with her deep roots in hospitality, has graced renowned locations such as Scorpios Santanna in Mykonos and the Imperial 5-star hotel. Her expertise spans guest relations and reservation management, making her a force to reckon with in the industry.


Our Horizon

With over 20 properties under our care and plans for global expansion by 2024, our journey has only just begun. We're excited to announce our venture into three new cities outside Greece soon, taking our signature blend of luxury and bohemian charm to new horizons.

Beyond Brick and Mortar

At The Property Concierge, properties are not just structures; they are experiences. We infuse each space with a bohemian ambiance while ensuring top-tier services for our esteemed clients. From chauffeur services to curated wellness retreats, our focus is to elevate every moment you spend with us.


Reach Out to The Property Concierge

Whether you're seeking the perfect luxury property, inquiring about our tailored services, or simply want to share your experience with us, we're here to listen. At The Property Concierge, every query is an opportunity to enhance our commitment to excellence.

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